Side Projects

More than an Entertainer

Carisa is the Editor-in-chief of Firepedia, on the board of the North American Fire Arts Association and the main organizer of Prop Fest Alberta.
Make sure to check out her podcast on fire arts and show biz at Fire Bug Podcast and the How to Eat Fire instructional DVD.

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Public Shows Public Shows
After years as a full time variety entertainer, Carisa has done everything from weddings, festivals, and galas to television and film. But it’s the public shows she loves the most.
Find out more about upcoming public appearances and theatrical stage shows.
Modeling & Acting Modeling & Acting
Carisa has been privileged to model and act with and for some of the most talented and wonderful people in Calgary. You may have seen her in the award winning experimental short Pick by Ben Hayden or recognize her from her viral photo phenomenon Reason is Sexy.
Vlogs & Blogs Vlogs & Blogs
Keep up with Carisa’s projects and adventures through her vlog Geek Bleep and her blog posts about gadgets, show biz, travel and more here on her blog or over on Tumblr.
Art & Design Work Art & Design Work
In 2007, Carisa Hendrix realized a dream by attending the Alberta College of Art and Design. Since then she has participated in gallery shows, designed promotional material for many artists and produced some interesting performative and mixed media art work.

Check out her portfolio on Behance

Community Initiatives Community Initiatives
Even as a young girl Carisa was interested in volunteering and building community, winning leadership and volunteerism awards.

Now she is the organizing force behind Prop Fest Alberta, an annual event celebrating and bring together a community of local and international prop manipulators and circus artist. She is also on the board of the North American Fire Arts Association a huge contributor to modern fire arts safety standards.

Fire Arts & Prop Resources Fire Arts & Prop Resources
Right after high school Carisa became an educator, first at Boys and Girls Club, then at the Phoenix educational center and even at the Calgary Circus School.

This experience and passion for teaching has propelled Carisa into developing a number of educational resources, including the Fire Bug Podcast, Firepedia and the How to Eat Fire instructional DVD.